Saturday, April 9, 2011


This post
is gonna be completely shameless.

here's all the boys i've ever kissed (excluding my kindergarten bf) in chronological order:

1. Michael Mendoza- age 14; he was my first boyfriend. we ended things a while after i moved to UT

2. Joe Wolfe- age 15; i liked him a lot.. we only dated for a couple days and kissed maybe twice.

3. Zack Sheffield- age 15; we dated my sophomore year. our first kiss was spiderman style. so cute.

4. Ammon Sorden- age 15; we were both Valentine-less so we went on a date. we kissed laying in the grass under the stars :]

5. Quinten Hardman- age 15; at a party once. i barely knew him. i was dumb.

6. Steve Ott- age 15; he was actually the reason i broke up with Michael, but we didn't legitimately date til later. we kissed ONCE whilst we were dating.

7. Jordan Mendez- age 16; he was the first guy to give me jewelery. :p

8. Darrin Simmons- age 17; after his swim meet by my truck...

9. Austin Paxman- age 17; we went on a date and he kissed me in the back of his Range Rover

10. Cody Cannon; age 17; we dated over the summer before i went to BYUH and he went on a mission. i thought he was "the one". he never really wrote me back so we lost touch.

11. Timmy Greenwood- age 18; my BYUH bf :] we used to sneak on to the softball field at night and talk til the sun came up.

12. Kendrick Pope- age 18; the very first guy i met in HI. winter semester we tried dating nut it didn't work out. awesome guy :]

13. Tyician Knight- age 18; dated over the summer before USU. the relationship didn't end well.

14. Clinton Jolley- age 19; we met at the 80's dance. we hung out and i let him kiss me.. then i found out kissing was ALL he wanted to do. 

15. Devin Gillespie- age 19; current boyfriend. our first kiss was in the doorway of Valley View :] i had never been more excited.