Friday, January 28, 2011

je t'adore..

i'm feelin the love. so here we go..

Loving Hands...

On his lap he sat,
shining with pure innocence.
The child's small eyes lifted
to see the face of his brother.
As he hugged the child closer,
with his loving hands
he began to play with his hair...
Twisting each lock
into a perfect curl.
Then, that beautiful child
slid off his lap and stood
ready and waiting for his time.
But when it came
and he parted from his brother,
he never once
forgot those hands
that so carefully put
each delicate strand of hair
in its place...
And when his brother finally
calls him back home
he will show him those hands...
Now pierced from the sins
of the world.
Then, with precious tear-filled eyes,
That child will feel
the palms of his brother.
And he shall know
that those hands...
those loving hands
are the same.


eyes lift up/SMILE~
laughter spillSmile
the edge

fading... (s...m...i...l...e)

footsteps and fingers in the air: !smile
temporary.thenwaitstopnextlook right

pSeMrIfLeEc?t ;smile
dimpled cheeks stick

?make a differen(s)e...


Feel it burn… Within, without,
With every fiber
Of one’s being.
Is it a fiery passion?
Or a sweet secret
Waiting to be exclaimed?
Intense and consuming
Flowing and light.
Uplifting the blossom
Of each precious rose.
Creating its song
Through majesty.
Laced into the fibers
Of the world’s axis
Making it turn with ease.
So obvious, so mysterious…
Found only when reaching
Into the slender crevices
Of one’s soul.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a dinner convo and a pink room

last night was great.
first of all, i turned my linguistics homework into something fun
..Disney Princesses. :]
we had to come up with a  creative way to make the consonant chart.. something that would make it easier to study; more relative to us personally. sooo i went looking through my princess coloring book, found all the sounds i needed to; then proceeded to tear out each picture, glue it to colored coded construction paper, and label the consonant on the back.

now i can color as i study :p

thennn.. i had the most entertaining dinner convo.
it all started with Kenny and his weird fetish of drawing explanations on napkins, aand ended with everyone having a graph or two describing their friendships with whoever drew said graphs.


and today! 
i finally switched out my closet curtain with the one covering the window!
so now our room glows pink :]
it feels so warm and cozy now... both Lauren and i love it.

it's been a dang good day and a 1/2



sometimes... i really miss Hawaii.
like yesterday when my Shakespeare book got wet from the snow because it's too big to fit in my bag.
ya... i missed it quite a bit then.

i miss the beach..

i miss my friends..

i miss the temple..

i miss softball..

i miss mud wrestling..

i miss hanging out on the corner..

and i miss being tan.

at least winter clothes are cute, right...?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

my cheeks hurt from smiling.. :]

I am so lucky.
Why? Because i'm surrounded by so many AMAZING people.
First of all, there's my mom. She is my hero :] ..she's taught me how to treat others, how to laugh, how to find Christ in all that I do, how to listen, how to survive awkward situations, how to accept people and NOT JUDGE, and most importantly, she's taught me how to love.

Then there's my dad.
Holy cow.
Where do I begin?
My dad has taught me how to work. He's taught me that life isn't just a freebie. He's taught me that most of the time winning IS the most important thing.. but you can't win all the time.  He's taught me that strike outs are gonna happen; the most important thing is that you don't let it get to you.  And lastly, because of my dad, I'm no wuss.  He taught me to "Rub some dirt on it" and "pull my head out".

Then there's Aidan :] my brother.
Firstly, he's a STUD. Plays the drums, makes all kinds of music, aaand is cool enough to watch (and enjoy) a chick flick.  Oh, and did I mention he scored like 30 on the stinkin ACT without even studying? Ya. He's flippin smart. Buut he's also the kind of person who wouldn't flaunt his genius in yer face. He's accepting and ALWAYS inclusive.  It's something I've always admired him for.
He's always been an example of caring to me.. even though it took me a while to see it.  He can always make me laugh with his wicked fast humor. 
And he knows what's really important in life.

Next: Daniel :P
I'm sure you all know one kid who is just naturally talented at everything they do; they don't even have to try..
That's Daniel.
His main realm of awesome is baseball (tho i could go on and on about everything else he rocks at as well). And, like Aidan, even though he knows he's legit, he's not cocky about it.  He also is the KING of sarcasm, let me tell you.. I can't even begin to count the number of times where he made fun of someone (unbeknownst to them). But he knew, and I definitely knew.. and that's where the hilarity occurs. lol.
He's also great at relating to people. He's really aware of people around him and, although that can sometimes create awkward situations for himself, I think it's an awesome quality. He's always been a great example to me. In a lot of aspects, I look up to him.

Last in my family is Becca.
This girl.. makes me smile.
She's the youngest in our family, but knows a surprising amount fer her age.
Hahahaa.. she ALWAYS always always says the funniest things!  It seems like she always says the exact right thing (or wrong, depending on how you want to look at it) at the exact right time. lol!
And thenn when we all laugh.. she does this face where she tries to look mad, but you can tell that she's trying super hard not to laugh and lose her cool.
It's adorable. :P
And even though she's much younger than me, she's taught me a lot.  The most important being: it doesn't matter what people look like, it's their actions that count.  Close behind that, there is: never sleep in the same bed as her ;]

Outside of my family there are TONS of people who influence me for the better.. my floor-mates, the girls in my Relief Society, and even those occasional awesome strangers, to name a few.

But I'd like to mention a few specific friends that are amazing examples to me on a daily basis.

Ari. :]
She is always smiling and keeping me going.  She's a great listener, so I can always vent to her, but she also keeps my emotional side in check without being too mean about it.  She has awesome taste in.... well, pretty much EVERYTHING. lol.
Aaaaand, she is gorgeous! Without even trying, she manages to look hott.

And, last but definitely not least, Devin.
He is always looking out for me. :]
It's stinkin adorable.
But, even outside our relationship, I see the way he treats people and I really admire it.  He is super chill, accepting, non-judgmental, and sincere.

but if i could take a hammer to his xbox, i would do it in a heartbeat. :]
juss sayin.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He's alive?!

todayyy was a joyous day for room 407 of valley view tower.
it all started with Lauren looking up pictures of Glee that had random stars photo shopped in; one of which being Jaleel White (better known as Urkel from Family Matters).
she said that she thought he had been dead for a while now.. i had no idea if he was or not, so we Wiki-ed it.
and guess what we found???? 

but that's not even the best part!
we found info on a suicide hoax that happened 5 years ago. this is what it said..

In June 2006, an internet rumor was spread via email that White had committed suicide. The email contained a fake Associated Press report stating that White was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment after shooting himself. The report, which contained fake quotes from former co-stars and associates, also claimed that White left behind a suicide note that contained Steve Urkel's popular catch phrase, "Did I do that?" 

hahahahahahahahahahahahaaa! me and Lauren could NOT stop laughing. lol!

Monday, January 17, 2011

i puke rainbows and poop butterflies

sooo there's this boy.
aaand i love him.

the other day i was running late fer class; Devin was over waiting to walk with me.. and in between all my running to and from the bathroom to try and get my hair to cooperate.. he made my bed!
he didn't say anything about it, and i was in such a rush thaat i didn't notice til i got back from all my classes.

he also taught me how to snowboard today :] and was very patient with all my awkwardness and grumbling. lol. he is such a cutie! :P ..i can say this without any remorse because i know he'll never read this blog (bless his heart)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

til the cows come home

this is gonna be me venting.
very emo of me, i know. first blog post and i'm being a weenie.
but sometimes i just get so worked up about things....! and i prolly shouldn't cuz i have so many stinkin faults alreadyyy but i can't help it.
i saw this facebook post. i believe it was a status..? in any case, it said something along the lines of  "ït makes me laugh when i see pictures of a bride and groom who look like children, because they practically are....children!"
and i've seen quite a few of these statuses (stati?) lately, with the same theme of disapproval for young marriages.
now, first let me just say that yes.. everyone seems to be getting married. aand yes.. most of them are relatively young. aaaaand yes.. marriage IS indeed a daunting prospect.
who are YOU to say when and/or how fast someone can fall in love?? it may take some years, and others, merely a week. neither is right. neither is wrong. some people find the love of their lives earlier than others.. that's just how it is! it doesn't mean it's not REAL.
a teenage girl is just as capable of knowing love as a grown woman.
i will argue this point til the cows come home.