Saturday, December 31, 2011

oh let me count the ways :]

well, my boyfriend wrote this incredibly adorable message to me on facebook the other day, 
so of course, instead of messaging him back, i'm gonna one-up him by blogging about him. :P

Devin is the most amazing boyfriend BECAUSE...

he always scratches my back
he likes to drive (unlike me, so this works out quite nicely)
he loves watching the same epic tv shows that i do. we always have such a good time watching White Collar or SVU while we're cuddling or eating pizza. haha :p
he never fails to make me laugh with his immature, but awesome, jokes
he gets so stinkin worried whenever he can't get a hold of me. it's adorable.
he has rad style. he always be lookin fly.
he thinks my shrunken Chinese feet are cute.
he can lift me up like i weigh nothing.
he loves my booty.
he makes me want to be a better person.
he is always so nice to everyone he meets :] (he's the nice one in the relationship. i'm the one who lays down the law. lol)
he knows the scriptures like the back of his hand.
he always picks me up a milkshake when he goes to Carl's.
he makes sure that i know he loves me and that he misses me when we're away from each other.

not to mention

i can be completely myself around him
and my family ADORES him.

he's a winner.

so take that, babe!