Thursday, November 10, 2011

test? tomorrow? nahh.

sometimes i just want to disappear inside of myself and go to that creative place where anything is possible...
and then just write and write and write my troubles away.

sometimes i wish i was a princess with one of those goofy pointy hats that were so fashionable. it would be pink. as would be my dress. 

and i would be trapped in a cave on a cliff side.. unable to escape because of the big green dragon who lived there.

but me and the dragon would become friends.. because he can obviously talk. and i would choose to stay there because we would have such lovely conversations.
and when the knight would come to rescue me, he just wouldn't understand.
they never do.

and sometimes i wish i had the power to read minds... nobody would know but me, of course. it would be my secret. 
i would be the relatable and under appreciated protagonist of my life's story.
life would be hard, but i would always help people with their problems.. anonymously. getting no reward other than the joy of my sneaking mind-reading service. 

and on occasion i would use my powers for vengeance.  
completely selfish, i know, but i have to believable. i can't do good ALL the time.
i have to have a tragic flaw, you see.. and mine will be jealousy. or maybe selfishness..

and sometimes i feel like magic is flying out of my fingers when i type.. 

so i better stop before the magic does. 

til next time.